Monday, May 16, 2016

Cleaning is Therapy

I am sure based on the title of this post you are thinking I am completely nuts. You're thinking: "Who uses cleaning as therapy?" "Cleaning is time consuming and a nuisance."  You didn't know I was psychic ;) However, for me it's not. Sometimes it is a chore, but for the most part it is calming. Cleaning is a project I can:
  • Do on my own (hello introvert)
  • Manage myself (OCD moment)
  • See the results of my efforts quickly (instant gratification generation)

Last night, after a frustrating day, I cleaned and organized the cabinet under the bathroom sink. Projects like this take my mind off things and allow me to immerse myself in the task at hand. Afterwards I feel calm.

iheart organizing is one of my favorite blogs to visit because well it's all about organizing! :) I know cleaning isn't everyone's therapy, but here are two ways to declutter and organize the cabinet under your sink.

For every situation there is a suitable line from a song...
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What's therapeutic for you or your way of decompressing?

Until next post...xoxo Becca

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