Monday, August 10, 2015

Sprinkled with Love

Hi everyone and welcome back! Over the weekend I hosted a baby sprinkle for one of my best friends. "What's a baby sprinkle" you say? Wellllll, it's to celebrate baby number 2, 3, 4... but not as formal as a baby shower. When you've already had one baby you don't really need the big ticket items for the additional little ones. A sprinkle focuses on the every day necessities (i.e. diapers, wipes, clothes, gift cards).

My friend is having another boy and I wanted to give her a day to relax with the girls and celebrate her little man. I think I accomplished that :) Enjoy some pictures from the sprinkle.

Forest Cafe & Bakery did an awesome job! | Idea Source
Free Printable | Shanty 2 Chic

I loathe baby shower games. So I opted for activities everyone could choose to participate in. First up, instead of a guestbook I asked each guest to create a scrapbook page and write a message for baby Aiden. They did an great job, the pages look fun and have the cutest messages! It was easy, I picked up all the supplies from Hobby Lobby and watched for sales on scrapbook items. Everything purchased was 50% off. #winning

Next up was a "guess baby's birthday" activity. I drew a calendar and each guest was asked to place a sticker on the day they thought baby Aiden would be born and sign it. Then I put it in a frame for my friend to keep. Can't wait to see who wins! :)

Thanks for making the diaper cake Carrie!
Food: All us girls know food at showers is pretty typical. For once I didn't stray too far from a typical menu, but I did make it easy on myself by using Chick-fil-a chicken salad and fruit tray. All I had to do was buy croissants, make a side dish, and put all the Chick-fil-a items in nice serving dishes. The punch was easy too. 2 packets of Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid and 2 2-liter bottles of Sprite. Easy, easy, easy! The beverage dispenser was a deal I grabbed a few weeks ago from Sur la Table.

The fruit was so pretty it needed it's own photo ;) Plates from Crate and Barrel's Cambridge 2-Tier Server
Easy favor, animal crackers
Thanks for coming ladies!
Next event: a sip and see ;) Until next post...xoxo Becca


  1. I love the sprinkle heart on that cake!

    1. Thank you! I saw a similar cake on Pinterest and went to a local bakery I love and asked if they could replicate it. It came out perfect! Not to mention tasty :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. LOVE THIS! Seriously...when I get married and start having kids, you're planning my parties. You are so kind and crafty and fun! And that cake is BEAUTIFUL! Originally, I thought you made it. And I still bet that you could. You're THAT awesome. :)

    1. Oh April you know I'd love to throw you a wedding shower and baby showers! I considered making it, but decided I'd let a professional handle it.


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