Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Thin Blue Line is Family

Sorry for the radio silence over here. Last week was a tough one and I'm glad it is followed by a 3-day weekend. Last Saturday morning I woke up to the gut wrenching news that a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy was shot and killed while pumping gas. My heart was broken for his family, his coworkers, and the entire law enforcement community. It's an unforgivable attack on the lives of men and women in law enforcement and truly rocked our world. I have mentioned before my husband is a police officer. Not a day goes by I don't think about his safety and the safety of other officers. The reality of it is, they have chosen a profession that puts them in harms way more often than most. They never know what their day may hold or what they'll try to forget once the shift is over.

For months we have been hearing the news of police officer involved shootings. The media does an amazing job of hyping up one side of the story and swaying public opinion. They do this for many stories, not just the officer involved shooting cases. Since I'm an officer's wife, a lot of people want to start a conversation with me based on my beliefs vs theirs and I'm here to tell you, I support the men and women of the thin blue line. Are there a few bad apples in law enforcement? Yes, but that's in every field! Don't be naive and think there aren't bad lawyers, bad teachers, and bad doctors!

The show of support for the law enforcement community has been overwhelming this last week and an extremely emotional one for me. It breaks my heart that it takes such tragedy for kindness to come out. Every day we should be thanking the men and women who sacrifice time with family, holidays, a normal sleep schedule, and so much more to protect us. We thank members of the military for their service, when was the last time you thanked a police officer for their service?

It was reported that over 9,200 uniformed officers attended Deputy Goforth's funeral last week. They listened to his final radio call, they mourned over the loss of a brother. Together, they are the thin blue line and that binds all law enforcement and their families. If you've never heard an officer's final radio call then you should really take a moment to listen. The feeling is indescribable!

Last week I really struggled with the hatred in this world, hence the lack of blog posts. Thank you to my friends who reached out and reminded me that my husband's profession is appreciated, that my sacrifice as an officer's wife does not go unnoticed, that the law enforcement community is loved and supported.

These officers are only trying to make the world a better place. Their commitment to the community in which they serve is undeniably good. I ask you to respect all law enforcement agents in every situation because you do not and cannot understand what they face each and every day. If you get pulled over and you're angry about it, be polite, be understanding, because they're just doing their job and you have no idea what they've already seen during their shift that day. Officers hide/control their emotions, but it is the families of law enforcement who see the daily struggles they face and hear the horrific stories of the calls they respond to.

I may not speak as eloquently on the subject as some people have, but these are my thoughts on the subject and if you disagree, please do not be disrespectful to myself or the thin blue line family.

Until next post...xoxo Becca


  1. Newsflash to you, Ms. DO speak eloquently about this topic and I commend you. You are so brave and loving, and I appreciate you and your husband more than I tell you two. As a daughter of a police officer, I can share many of your sentiments. All of this media and hype and the current events taking place have been hard for me to process as well. You have the courage I wish I could muster. I just sit in silence and fear, continuing to pray for those that sacrifice so much for us daily. Thanks for reminding me to thank a police officer--I have made a mental note to do so. You rock--well said, dear!

    1. Thank you friend! I didn't even think about this hitting close to home for you since your dad is an officer as well. See...we are family :)


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