Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

Does anyone else have a super busy couple of months ahead? I'm in the middle of roughly 2 months of busy busy weekends. Wish me luck because I could seriously use a good nap! As you've guessed by that intro, my weekend was busy ;)

Friday night the hubs and I met up with some of his old friends from high school for drinks and a little high school football. The hubs' 10 year high school reunion was Saturday night, but instead of going to the actually reunion he made plans to see the friends he wanted to catch up with.

Gorgeous sunset over Rhodes Stadium! Go Katy!

Saturday my friend and I attended Shop 'til You Drop hosted by Cy-Fair Women's Club. There were a ton of vendors and I got a few Christmas gifts purchased. I'd show you my finds, but then the recipients would know! I did purchase the "love letters" book below from LetterLounge for my sister-in-law's birthday which we celebrated on Sunday. Sorry for the low quality photo, I forgot to take pictures of it before I gifted it! Other vendors I enjoyed visiting were Rue Bird Market, I Love Indigo, and Angel's Rocks and Fossils. For all my readers who are teachers, Angel's offers a Rock Hounds Kit that's perfect for the classroom, pictured below. Saturday night the hubs and I met up with another one of his good friends for dinner and then off to the bar to relax and have a good time.

Some of our other finds...

Like I mentioned, Sunday morning we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday with an early lunch. The hubs had to work Sunday night so we headed home shortly after the delicious lunch. Then it was time for me to prepare for the work week. Thursday night I will be headed to New Orleans for a bachelorette party. Wish me luck!

Have a great week! Until next post...xoxo Becca


  1. Good morning, Becca! Looks like you have an eventful but fun weekend! Glad you enjoyed it. You glad to be back home after house-sitting?

    Yes--this time of year is always busiest! I have something to do most all the weekends too, with the exception of a few in November. Those will fill up soon, I'm sure. I'm okay with this being busy because I need December 11-12 to get here STAT. :)

    I love the finds you and Kalyn made at the craft show. I need to hit one of those up to get some decorations for my apartment and my new office.

    Miss you, friend!

    1. I love that you visit all the time now :) Yes, very glad to be back home.

      Graduation will be here before you know it. Just think...September is already half over! Before you know it it will be Halloween.

      Miss you too!


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