Monday, November 16, 2015

The Finer Things in Life, a Weekend Recap

Happy Monday and welcome to a new week. We are one week closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Who has started their Christmas shopping already? I need to. Somehow my mom managed to be mostly done with her Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving every year. A task I have yet to achieve. What's on your wish list this holiday season? Leave it in the comments below, maybe I can steal an idea or two. ;)

Yet again I bring you another weekend recap, but this time I get to share what the hubs and I did. It is a rarity for him to have a weekend off so I cherish every minute I get.

One of the perks of selling our home and moving closer to where we work is being closer to this kiddo and his parents. We were there the night he was born, I heard his first little cries, and I love that he knows us as aunt and uncle, even though we're not related, just really good friends with his parents. We played and laughed for hours. Then he and the hubs watched videos on the iPad before bedtime. Kept him up way past his bedtime...oops, sorry not sorry! 

Check out those footed PJs, I just about died when he put them on.
Saturday the hubs and I attended the last tailgate of the season and it was so much fun. Again, we don't get to see each other often so the fact we spent the whole day together was bliss (well, I think so, he was probably ready to go back to work lol). After tailgate we hung out with a good friend at a local bar and then went to a nice dinner with another one of our couple friends. All in all it was a fantastic Saturday.

Which brings me to Sunday! Not very exciting, but the hubs and I slept in, ran errands, and took care of some things at the apartment. Hung a few more items on the wall, took another load of boxes to storage, and made dinner. I finally bought a coffee table, from Walmart of all places! I don't know what made me look at their website, but I'm glad I did. It's a simple coffee table that will fit nicely. Supposed to arrive Thursday! Even better! 
Still searching for pillows for the couch and the curtains I want are temporarily sold out, ugh Guess I will have to keep checking back.

Everyone have a good week. Don't forget to tell me what your wish list items are in the comments below. Until next post...xoxo Becca


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    1. bahaha oh that box! Everyone keeps requesting it to return. I much prefer the drink doesn't spill while I'm eating lol


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