Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Recap and Favorite Movies

What a fun and lazy weekend all at the same time! A good friend came into town Friday and I am so glad to report we got to hang out until 2am! Goodness I'm old because that was wayyyyy passed my bedtime, but she's totally worth it. :) Always nice to catch up with friends you don't see on a regular basis.

Saturday was rainy and nasty, but I made my way to another friend's house near Houston to see her and her boys. The littlest one is already a month old. When did that happen? So thankful for the girl time. Being around so many college students is a lot of fun, but there's definitely an age gap and getting to spend time with someone my age who has similar thoughts and life struggles was refreshing. Plus her 3-year old decided my lap was a safe place to snuggle and fall asleep. I'll never turn down sweet snuggles from those kiddos, because I know they're limited in number.

Sunday I took the hubs to the airport (he's gone all week for a training in Alabama) and went grocery shopping. I did manage to have an almost 100% clean eating dinner though. Pretty pumped about that.

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This brings me to today's topic, favorite movies. Are you ever cruising through the channels and see a movie that makes you drop everything to watch it? This happens to me a lot, last night was the Sleeping Beauty. There is just something about a good classic movie that grabs my attention. Anything with Audrey Hepburn, all the Harry Potter movies, and the latest...The Hunger Games and Divergent series. Guess what, it's November which means Mockingjay Part 2 is just weeks away! With Christmas around the corner I'm already thinking about what Christmas movies I have to watch (It's a Wonderful Life and White Christmas are my top two).

What movies are must watches for you?

Until next post...xoxo Becca


  1. White Christmas is a family fave of mine! I really like all holiday movies, I think. And you can't forget about the Christmas albums--Nsync, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men...just to name a few of the good ones. :)


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