Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bridal Brunch at the Junior League

Bridal showers, baby showers, couples showers, stock the bar parties...we've all been to a few. Stock the bar parties are the best by the way ;) The hubs and I had one before we got married...did you know you can register at Specs? We did and it was awesome! Back to the point of this post...I attended a Bridal Brunch today for a family friend. The host, the bride's older sister, loves to do these events up big. I mean Vera Wang herself designed her wedding dress. Best wedding I've ever been to by the way! And off topic again, sorry! The bridal brunch was hosted at the Junior League of Houston, located in an antebellum style building, true southern roots.

Today's Menu
Option #1: Three cheese broccoli soup, baby spinach salad with mandarin orange segments and a basil vinaigrette, black forest ham BLT sandwich
Option #2: Creamy roasted red pepper and roasted sweet corn soup, caesar salad, grilled chicken, roasted red pepper, and micro greens sandwich

I had option #2 and let me tell you...I will be attempting to recreate that at home. I wish I'd taken a picture before shoveling it in my mouth. So delicious! Oh and mimosas, it wouldn't be a proper southern brunch without mimosas :)

The wedding is in Dallas in May and I'm really excited to attend. I got a sneak peek at the wedding dress and it is gorgeous. I will leave you with a few pictures from the brunch.

Beautiful Cake
How cute is this favor? Cookie and Sephora lip gloss
Bride with her sisters and mother
Mother-in-law, sisters-in law, and I with the bride
Until next post...
xoxo Becca

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