Monday, April 13, 2015

Restaurant Review: Hubbell & Hudson Bistro

One thing you'll quickly learn about me is I love to try new restaurants. It's almost like a game to discover new places and take friends along. Friends contact me often for restaurant recommendations, which I love to just ask! :)

Last week we celebrated a close friend's birthday at Hubbell & Hudson Bistro. None of us had been so it was a fun experience. Hubbell & Hudson Bistro is located in The Woodlands on the Waterway. Another fun place to explore if you ever get the chance. The executive chef is Austin Simmons and was recently named, by Houston Press, "Up and Coming Houston Chef" at the age of 28! Side note, anyone feel like they need to work harder on their career goals right about now?

A reservation got us a private dining room which we will always request from now on. The privacy gave us a chance to talk, laugh, and stand and walk around to take pictures or step out onto the semi-private patio with fireplace.

Private Dining Room A
Since our group of 6 had never dined here we each opted for different drinks at the bar, appetizers, entrees and desserts. It's important to note, these friends are more like family so sharing and tasting each others drinks and entrees is completely normal! Having a variety of entrees worked out perfectly because it gave me the chance to try lobster, grouper, and duck. As a non-seafood eating person I attempt to try seafood at every opportunity. You never know when your taste buds will change!

For appetizers, we ordered the Akaushi Beef (tenderloin tartare) and Artisan Bread Board. I have never tried tartare, something about raw meat is unappealing. However, since we were on an adventure I went for it....oh my was so delicious and had a citrus flavor to it. The bread board was also a stellar piece. From homemade butter with black sea salt to garlic hummus it was all to die for. I'm also a carb lover so this is right up my alley.

Artisan Bread Board

For my entree I ordered the Braised Short Ribs, this dish was voted by the group as the best. Think spaghetti with braised short rib in place of ground beef. AMAZING! I also tried the Maine Lobster Risotto, Peking Duck, Black Grouper, and 200+ Day Midwestern Dry Aged Steak (more on this below). All very good, least favorite would be the lobster risotto. Again, I'm not a seafood person, but the risotto had an interesting flavor I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Dessert is always a must right!? The birthday girl received complementary creme brulee and the rest of us decided on Carrot Cake and Bread Pudding. The cheesecake that accompanied the carrot cake was light and flavorful. The carrot cake and bread pudding were my least favorite aspect of the entire meal.

Now what is dry aged steak...It's a relatively new concept and Chef Austin has been working to perfect it at Hubbell & Hudson Bistro. After dinner we took a tour of the kitchen and dry aging area. I'll be honest, when I saw the meat it reminded me of a large fossil. It was gray and looked like a rock, but after seeing how red and marbled the meat on the inside is, it's no wonder the steak tasted amazing. The hub's review, "Hands down the best steak."

Overall the restaurant, the service, and the menu is top notch and we will be back (in the private dining room).

Birthday girl's fiance, the hubs, and I
Birthday girl and I #twinning haha
Birthday girl, her mom, and I enjoying the semi-private patio
My outfit details:
EARRINGS: Kendra Scott

Until next post...xoxo Becca

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