Monday, June 15, 2015

California Recap | Part 1

Did you miss me? Hopefully last Monday's and Friday's post helped hold you over while I was gone. Besides...who doesn't love to smell good with some fresh fragrances. Need a gift idea for your father or your significant other? Well there ya go...the bonus in last Monday's post should help solve that dilemma. Go to a craft store over the weekend? No? Why not?! Lots of cute decorations are waiting to be made for the 4th :)

But I know why you're here today, to see how the trip to California went. I'm going to write this in 2 parts so it's not super long. 

Day 1: Monday morning started off early as we made our way to the airport. Security took longer than usual (Dad, we miss your priority access!). I don't know if any of you have had the opportunity to fly with priority access, but it really does make things much smoother. I'm sure many business men and women are privileged to have this access and love it. The flight was an easy one...thank goodness because I hate flying.

Upon arrival we met up with mom and dad whose flight landed earlier than ours and headed to lunch at Mama D's Italian Kitchen. Our neighbor recommended Mama D's and I am soooooo glad she did. Everything was amazing, including the complementary warm chocolate chip cookies. Since check-in at the resort wasn't until 4:00 we went across the street to Newport Beach Brewing Company...happy hour prices ALL day. That's what I'm talking about! After a round of drinks we headed off to the resort. Beautiful place...lots of children though. Maybe I will dedicate a post to a resort review soon. 

Since our villa had a full kitchen we went to Trader Joe's and picked up a few groceries to make dinner for Monday and Tuesday night. We have a Trader Joe's in The Woodlands, but it took me going all the way to California to step foot in one lol Then it was wine, cheese, fruit, and leftover Mama D's for dinner.

Day 2: Hit the gym for a sweat session and it felt so good. Next we took the resort shuttle to Crystal Cove Beach where we planned on having brunch, but Beachcombers had already stopped serving breakfast. Ruby's Diner's website said serving breakfast all day...LIES, only until 11 :( So we settled for a burgers and shakes. Then back to the resort for some much needed pool time and a wine and cheese reception. Then for a change of scenery we cruised along the beach and visited a few neighborhoods near there....the homes were adorable. Beautifully landscaped and decorated and I wanted to buy them all :)

Crystal Cove Beach
Pool time!
Remember to stop and smell the roses!

Day 3: Rather than hitting the gym, the hubs and I went for a long walk around the resort and to Crystal Cove Beach. We saw a lot of cool ocean critters in the tide pools, surfers, and others exploring the beach. The weather was so strange, cold and gray, not what I pictured of California. The locals called it "June Gloom" and that's the perfect description. The family had lunch at Javier's, great environment and the food was good. Took a trip to Balboa Island for shopping and frozen bananas. Apparently they're famous to the island and we were told to visit Dad's Donut & Bakery Shop. I had a frozen banana covered in chocolate and peanuts. Certainly a touristy thing to was good but ehhh wouldn't do it again. We drove north to Huntington Beach, famous for great waves for surfing. Walked the pier and saw a lot of talented surfers. Watched the beautiful sunset. Headed back to the resort to relax and pack for Thursday. Headed to La Jolla. 

View from resort
Left: Frozen Banana     Right: Balboa Bar covered in Oreos
Dad's Donut & Bakery Shop
Huntington Beach

Second half of the trip coming soon (probably tomorrow or Wednesday)! Until next post...xoxo Becca

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