Monday, June 1, 2015

Going to Cali

Wow what a busy weekend! My sister-in-law graduated from Texas A&M University two weeks ago and Saturday was her graduation party. It turned out great and the BBQ was delicious. Before going to the party I went shopping because there were a lot of sales going on. The hubs and I are going with his parents to Newport Beach, California in 1 week! I'm so excited! They travel frequently and I am looking forward to spending some time with the in-laws and relaxing.

I've never been to California so I'm not sure what to pack or what to expect with the weather. I've been keeping an eye on the forecast and it seems like highs of 71-74 each day. MUCH cooler than the weather we have in Texas. My goal is to pack jeans, light long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve tops, light sweaters, and several sandal type shoes. I think layers are going to be the way to go. If anyone has advice...please leave me a comment. 

Here are a few of my recent purchases:

DSW | Comfy and several colors to choose from

Lucky Brand | On sale at Macy's $27.99

Old Navy | On sale $22

Topshop | On sale at Nordstrom $39.99
Hope you have a great week! I'll be back on Friday with Favorite Pin Friday.
Until next post...xoxo Becca


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