Monday, February 15, 2016

A Year in Review

To highlight even more that I've been blogging for a year I thought I would do a quick year in review post.

When I started Lexi & Lady and made it known I was blogging I kept getting asked "why" and I explained my reasoning here. It started as a place to be creative and it's still that. It's also where I share our travel adventures (more coming this spring and summer YAY) and anything else I love; food, fashion, projects, etc.

Some of the highest visited posts were my Hubbell & Hudson Bistro review, our Cindo de Mayo party (includes churro cupcake recipe, yum!), discussing leadership after attending Leadercast, the baby sprinkle I hosted for my best friend, how the Thin Blue Line is family, you followed along as I redecorated after the hubs and I sold our house and moved, and you "traveled" with us to California, New Orleans, NYC, and Breckenridge.

I would say it was a pretty busy year. I hope this next year of blogging is just as enjoyable for my family, friends, and followers. Your comments and support mean so much so keep them coming. They motivate me to keep sharing!

Until next post...xoxo Becca



Kentucky Derby at Sam Houston Race Park

4th of July


Rockefeller Center

Good Times Adventure, Breckenridge

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  1. Love your Rockefeller's Center photo. Congrats on a year of blogging! Enjoy year two. -- Judy S.


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